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The Community Hub is a place where you can build relationships with other families, whanau and caregivers in your local community. Choose to join one of the four community groups which have been created based on each school zone.

Step One: Click the school for the community group you would like to join.

Step Two: Complete the simple registration form.

Step Three: Start building relationships with whānau!

Once you have joined a community group for your chosen school zone, you can start building friendships and connections with other families. This is great if you want your tamariki to meet other children before they start school, or you might like to start a play group or simply find families in your area. You can also find out the latest news about your preferred school and any school updates. The Community Hub is the place to do it! We will also be having regular Child and Whānau Focus events where you can learn from expert educators about your child’s learning and development stages, from birth right through to primary and secondary school ages.

Find your school zone HERE


Papamoa Primary.jpg

312 Dickson Road, Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa.

Pāpāmoa Primary School is very well resourced and has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. Our school prides itself on its highly effective learning and teaching programmes which are delivered by a dedicated, caring, hardworking staff.


29 Doncaster Drive, Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa.

We are an exciting, inviting and innovative school, passionate about the teaching and learning of our tamariki. We take learners on an educational journey, learning skills that will support them in the changing landscape of tomorrow.


Tahatai Coast.png

45 Evans Road, Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa.

Tahatai Coast School is a large, very well resourced primary school located in sunny Pāpāmoa, near Mount Maunganui. We are an inclusive school striving for all students with unique learning styles to participate and achieve, and for their whānau to contribute to their success.

Golden Sands.png

26 Golden Sands Drive, Pāpāmoa Beach, Pāpāmoa.

Golden Sands School has a short but proud history of high performance academically, in sports, culture and in the arts. Our learning spaces are Innovative Learning Environments (ILE's), which are designed for collaborative teaching and learning. Link to school zone.

For more information or if you have any questions please email